Join us for photo sessions at the Stockdale Mill on Saturday, April 13th, and help support the Frame and Footing Project!
For just $50, you'll enjoy a 15-minute photo session in this beautiful historic setting.
Your contribution will go towards preserving this historic landmark’s foundation for future generations to enjoy.
Don't miss this opportunity to create lasting memories while supporting a great cause!

To book your session, please visit!/showSignUp/10C0B49ABAC28A1FDC16-48430430-family
With questions about the photo sessions contact us at
We can't wait to see you there!
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Help Preserve History at Stockdale Mill in Roann!
Dear Friends, We need your support to preserve the historic Stockdale Mill in Roann! The Mill, a cherished landmark in our community, requires urgent structural repairs, including the replacement of crucial beams. We are undertaking a Frame and Footing Project to ensure the Mill's stability for generations to come. Your donations, no matter the size, will make a real difference in saving this piece of our local history. Every contribution helps us inch closer to our goal and ensures that the Stockdale Mill remains a vital part of our community.

To donate, click on "How to Donate" below or contact us directly at
Thank you for your generosity and commitment to preserving our heritage!
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How to Donate



Our non-profit group the STOCKDALE MILL FOUNDATION has been awarded a grant from the COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF WABASH COUNTY in the amount of $20,000 !

This amount will be applied to our FRAME & FOOTING PROJECT currently underway for critical restoration of the old mill's sub-basement and foundation structure. Thank you CFWC and all who support them.

With this grant, the Stockdale Mill has now funded $36,500 of this $60,000 emergency project.

Updated on 4/5/2024


** Attention **

The Stockdale Mill is CLOSED
as of January 1, 2024 for necessary repairs
until further notice.

- - (watch this space) - -

You may assist us along with this project
by clicking on the DONATE button below.


In order to keep the
Stockdale Mill
open to the public for the
summer 2024


assisting with tours on Saturdays.

Please email
to see how you can help.


Many of the projects accomplished by our preservation/maintenance volunteer crew are hidden away and go unnoticed.
Not so with our replacement entrance door ready to welcome you into the Mill.
Hanging from rollers on a century-old rail, the sliding door was fashioned from local timber by craftsman Roger Harman.

2020 - 2021 - & 2022 have brought a huge increase in the number of conoes and kayaks launching at the Stockdale Mill.

Family fun on the Eel River was rediscovered during the pandemic.

Doug & Alice Campbell, North Manchester, donated their antique water turbine to the Stockdale Mill. This large object originally produced water power for the old Liberty Mills flour mill.
John Dyson and Dale Abell provided their time and heavy equipment to move the Liberty Mills turbine.
The turbine now resides at the Stockdale Mill, further down the Eel River from Liberty Mills, where it will be on display for close-up viewing by visitors.
John Dyson with the Liberty Mills turbine.

Maintenance, restoration, landscaping, cleaning - all continue during our 2020 temporary shut-down.
Ron McColley replaces the windmill pump shaft.
Roger Harman replaces basement entrance flooring.
  David VanBuskirk and Mike Campbell adjust a turbine gear.
Joe Krom attaches stair bracing.


* * * * * *


Our volunteers continue with restoration each Monday, April through October.

Here, our old Corn Crib gets it's concrete foundation renewed.


The roof is on !!! The old leaking shingles were removed, new plywood sheeting was laid down, and painted steel metal panels and trim installed. All was completed during the first week of November. This will keep the mill structure and milling machinery secure for a good long time - what a relief.
Thank you to all who have generously donated.
Also, Thank You to the Wabash County Community Foundation for a grant of $4,460 for the purchase of roofing materials.



* * * * * * *


The Fish Ladder is in place, active, and being enjoyed by hundreds of fish.

A fish bypass was installed at the Stockdale Mill Dam this summer. The first of its kind anywhere "fishway" is located outside the existing concrete south wing-wall of the dam. [dam buttress end opposite the mill] The innovative structure is the first of its kind installed anywhere in the U.S. The Stockdale Mill Foundation is partnering with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Dept. and the Manchester University Environmental Sciences Program. The fishway includes electronic sensors to monitor fish migration up and down the Eel River. Manchester University will conduct ongoing research into fish behavior.


* * * * * * *

Students from IU Kokomo class on Indiana History braved the cold on our last regular tour day of the season.

Gibbons Family Hit & Miss Engines display during 2017 Covered Bridge Festival

Indiana Landmarks preservation group toured the Stockdale Mill on April 27. Over 200 hardy members braved a cool wind to visit the mill followed by dinner on the Roann Covered Bridge.

* * * * * * *


The Stockdale Mill Foundation received the 2nd place award from the Beacon Credit Union "Project Spotlight". Pictured with other winners is Ron McColley acceptng the prize on behalf of the Mill.

THANK YOU to Beacon Credit Union an to all who voted!

* * * * * * *



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