The Stockdale Mill has created a special fund to take care of a critical need for 2024. Unfortunately, our board of trustees has found it necessary to cease conducting tours and have temporarily closed access to the public as of January 2024. A number of floods over the years have deteriorated the footings of the structure. We find it necessary to ask for your help to address some emergency frame and footing structural concerns. We invite you to become a part of these essential restoration endeavors. Please consider a donation today.

To mail a check: please use the "Donation Form" button below. You may print out the provided sheet or create your own.

To donate online: please use the "Donate Online" button below. We have partnered with the Community Foundation of Wabash County to proccess these funds in a secure manner.


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Print and Mail
to the Mill through the Community Foundation of Wabash County

Your donation will help save the mill for future generations and reopen it to the public as early as possible.


Built in 1857, the Stockdale Mill rests upon the north bank of the Eel River. Over the years, a series of flood waters has undermined the integrity of a section of the foundation and supporting structure of the building. The work area is below the basement floor and thus out of sight of normal viewing. This proposed structural restoration project will return the building to a solid footing.

Our plan consists of three parts:
A) Remove 2 deteriorated wooden timber critical support posts in the sub-basement and replace with fabricated steel posts. This in turn requires temporarily supporting the timber frame structure above while the replacement occurs.
B) Replace 2 deteriorated wooden timber sill-beams.
C) Add concrete support to the inside a portion of the current rock and concrete foundation wall that is exposed within the sub-basement. This will in turn require removal of accumulated silt and back-billing with stone.

Total Project Cost for Part A and Part B and Part C : $60,000



Our non-profit group the STOCKDALE MILL FOUNDATION has been awarded a grant from the COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF WABASH COUNTY in the amount of $20,000 !

This amount will be applied to our FRAME & FOOTING PROJECT currently underway for critical restoration of the old mill's sub-basement and foundation structure. Thank you CFWC and all who support them.

With this grant, the Stockdale Mill has now funded $36,500 of this $60,000 emergency project.

Updated on 4/5/2024


The Stockdale Mill Foundation was formed in December 2001 as a Non-Profit Indiana Corporation to preserve and restore the mill.
On April 19, 2002, the Stockdale Mill Foundation was also approved by the Federal Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) organization, enabling donors to deduct contributions.

The Stockdale Mill Foundation consists entirely of volunteers.

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